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Training Days

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Training Days

We have regular training days to ensure that all staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to help all our patients.

The surgery will be closed between 1pm and 4pm on the following training days:

Tuesday 19th December 2017
Tuesday 16th January 2018
Tuesday 20th February 2018
Tuesday 20th March 2018
Tuesday 17th April 2018
Tuesday 15th May 2018
Tuesday 19th June 2018
Tuesday 17th July 2018
Tuesday 21st August 2018
Tuesday 18th September 2018
Tuesday 16th October 2018
Tuesday 20th November 2018
Tuesday 18th December 2018
Tuesday 15th January 2019

Should you require urgent medical attention during this time, please contact 111. For any life-threatening medical conditions, always go to A&E.

We put up regular reminders on our Facebook and Twitter pages.