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Children’s Nasal Flu Vaccine

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Children’s Nasal Flu Vaccine

Some children will be offered the nasal flu vaccine annually. Please see the Flu Injections page for information on who is eligible.

The flu virus in children can be serious and can lead to more severe cases of pneumonia. It is important to note that common colds are not the same as flu (see the video at the bottom of this page).

How to Book an Appointment

We will not be holding any walk-in clinics for children – we know they can be a little impatient! You will need to book an appointment for your child with either the Practice Nurse or the Health Care Assistant.

We will be holding dedicated clinics in the October half-term holidays so please look out for posters, text invitations and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Information about Ingredients

The children’s nasal flu vaccine (Fluenz) does contain pork gelatine. This can be an issue for some of our vegetarian or Muslim patients. If for this reason, you would prefer your child not to have the nasal flu spray, we will recommend the flu injection only where a child is considered high-risk. The flu injection is vegetarian-friendly.

For further information and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the NHS Choices page. Alternatively, you can discuss any issues with a member of staff.

Do you know the difference between a cold and the flu?