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What is a Chaperone? 

A chaperone is a member of the surgery staff who will be called into the room to act as support and witness for both the patient and the medical professional during an examination or procedure.

All our chaperones have had full training and DBS checks. We have all read the Chaperone policy that is in place.

I need a chaperone – what do I do? 

If you would like to have a chaperone present during your examination, please make this known either at the Reception desk or let the clinician know when you go into their room. We will be happy to arrange a chaperone for you. Where possible, please let us know when booking the appointment so we can ensure a staff member is available.

Also, if an intimate examination is needed, the clinician will let you know that a chaperone will be called in. If you would prefer not to have a chaperone present, please let the clinician know.


Can I bring my own chaperone?

You can bring anyone you feel comfortable with to an appointment. Unfortunately they are not regarded as chaperones. It may still be necessary for a member of staff to act as a chaperone.


I don’t feel comfortable with a chaperone – what now?

The chaperone is present to ensure both you and the doctor are comfortable while carrying out an examination or procedure. Most people feel embarrassed, nervous or scared and a third person in the room can help alleviate some of these feelings.

If you are adamant that you do not want a chaperone, it is then the medical professional’s decision whether or not the examination or procedure goes ahead.

Further Information

Anything that happens in the consultation room remains private, between you, the clinician and the chaperone. The chaperone, along with all staff, is bound by the confidentiality policy.  Anything that a chaperone sees or hears will remain private.

For further information about chaperones, please contact our Reception staff who will be more than happy to give you further advice and guidance.